Hi, I'm Dr. Ryan Felde

I'm a passionate speaker who shares talks on various health topics, most commonly cancer. I've traveled across the country sharing my family's story and my “Cancer Proof” methods with schools, companies, health care conventions, firehouses, villages and communities large and small.


My Daughter's Unlikely Cancer Story

Why I Speak


After months in the hospital, Payton was given no hope for survival and sent home.

Payton had been diagnosed with a rare liver cancer that had spread throughout her entire body. Three hospitals refused to even attempt treatment on her and the fourth hospital's treatment did not work.


My wife and I decided to treat Payton naturally, and 5 months later she was cancer free…

October of 2018 will mark 5 years since her cancer diagnosis and she is still cancer free; working to get healthier every single day. There was a day that Payton was given an improper dosage of blood thinner and she began to bleed out uncontrollably. After approximately 6 hours in the pediatric intensive care unit and many tears, a request from the nurses to call the chaplain and the incredible spirit of a 4 year old the bleeding stopped.

My experience in the PICU with Payton changed the way I viewed every patient.

I changed my fundamental approach to care and began giving health talks.


In my talks, I teach people what real health is and what they need to do to make sure that they do not end up as a medical statistic.

If you are frustrated with your current health, disappointed your medications didn’t solve your problems and you want to begin living the life you deserve please know that there is always hope.

My Cancer Proof talk program was created from countless hours of research and real life experience.

I learned early on in my daughter’s cancer journey that there is nothing I wouldn’t have done to prevent cancer from entering her life. The methods I share in my talks are based on peer reviewed medical journals, what I've learned in practice, and my expeirence with Payton. They are designed to give individuals the best possible chance of not having cancer enter their lives and not becoming another medical statistic.

The Primary Goal

To empower individuals with the tools necessary to limit their chances of developing cancer, things that can be done to heal the body from previous damage and position individuals and families to live the lives they deserve without limitations due to health problems.

The Key Takeaways

  • In America today 38.4% of people will be diagnosed with cancer and I will teach you how you can statistically reduce your chances to develop cancer to less than 5%.
  • How to implement these ideas into your lives so that not only you will not develop cancer, but your family will greatly reduce their chances of a cancer diagnosis as well.
  • How to discover what true health is.

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